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Patrick George - George Group - Laguna North Lakes

Patrick George, The George Group

Brisbane-based property developer, Patrick George (The George Group) is responsible for the development and management of various projects in Queensland and New South Wales which are highly regarded by consumers, stakeholders and industry professionals alike. Patrick’s success is underpinned by his desire to deliver uniquely curated property solutions.
Patrick George’s holdings include a share of the bustling, urban pocket that is Brisbane’s James St. Patrick’s involvement in the urban renewal of this area commenced in 1998. Patrick’s success in this precinct is a result of a long-term investment strategy coupled with his shared vision with a unique mix of clients and partners.
More recently, Patrick has turned his vision on Brisbane’s West End with the creation of The Stores. The Stores is gaining solid recognition as a great, one-stop-shop for fresh, local and imported artisan foods, featuring a new alliance of food retail and hospitality. The Stores is building its community support through a committed strategy of listening to its customers’ needs and desires.
Patrick is also well recognised for his involvement in the creation of the Brickworks Centre, home to the Ferry Rd Market in the Gold Coast suburb of Southport. Developed over the course of more than a decade, this boutique shopping centre is the favoured shopping destination for discerning locals on the Gold Coast.
Patrick George also conceptualised and delivered a 100Ha industrial project Radius Industrial City. Located in the South West of Brisbane on the Logan Motorway, Radius is now the headquarters of many household brands such as BP, Toll, Energex, SCA Hygiene and Toyota. Radius set a new benchmark for large scale industrial projects in Brisbane. Patrick’s commitment to investment in streetscape, architecture and branding coupled with a long-term strategy to attract quality clients and owner occupiers resulted in a best-in-class industrial estate experience.
Patrick George is now turning his focus to Moreton Bay with his latest venture being 36,000sqm of genuine mixed use in the heart of North Lakes. Soon to be known as Laguna North Lakes, this largescale development is widely considered to be an unprecedented collection of uses in one development. Destined to be a fresh and exciting oasis of open air retail and entertainment, the development will encompass hotel accommodation, convention centre, commercial precinct, gastropub, aquatic centre, fine grain retail environment, complemented by an abundance of open space.
Recognising it as one of southeast Queensland’s new burgeoning regions, Patrick George is dedicated to activating the best facilities, opportunities and operators in the Moreton Bay community.
Working closely with equally innovative and talented associates and partnering with other dynamic property companies has proven key to Patrick George’s success. The common theme that can be identified across his diverse portfolio is that each property holding adds value to its surrounding community.